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Precision, Perfection, Performance.

2006 Champions:
MARS                                              Bill Frye
NMRA Hot Street                               Charlie Booze
TORA                                              Larry McDaniels
NMRA Real Street                             Brian Myers
NMCA Mean Street                            Jeff Swanson
NMRA Pure Street                             Ron Anderson
NMRA Super Street Outlaw                 John Urist
Disclaimer:   Jim Kuntz was recently asked about his winning history for this webpage.  Jim's reply was he was too busy worrying about making power for his customers to recap the numerous titles and championships the shop had helped win over the years.  In typical Kuntz fashion, he added he didn't want anyone to think he was resting on his laurels. The following history was pieced together by following Jim around the shop as he worked.  All apologies to the hundreds of customers who have won with Kuntz Power along the way, and weren't included on the history page because Jim had slipped off to the dyno room again trying to find you an edge.

Kuntz and Company History:

          Jim Kuntz Racing started in 1963, taking an interest in drag racing and wanting to go fast.  By 1969, he was working at a Ford dealership in the middle of the muscle car era, selling and racing cars that would make the Barrett Jackson Auction envious.  This early exposure to the factory hot rods led to helping customers go faster in the mid seventies, and by the time Jim left the Ford dealership in 1986 to open his shop full time, his motors owned seven NHRA national records, he had won four consecutive NHRA divisional championships, and he and partner S.E. Buchanan had won the U.S. Nationals in Stock Eliminator.
          Over twenty years later, Kuntz and Company has evolved into a full service machine shop, offering balancing, machining, cylinder head work, dyno service, and custom built engines. Customers can take pride that that each motor is monitored by Jim and handled with the care that produces championships. Many think of Kuntz and Co. as blue oval engine builders, or drag race engine builders, or dirt late model engine builders. However, the fact is Kuntz and Company customers have won with different engine manufacturers in virtually every type of motor sports on every racing surface.  The titles and wins look like an alphabet soup of organizations across the racing spectrum (NHRA, NMRA, NMCA, IHRA, SCCA, SUPR, MARS, TORA), which goes back to each and every engine getting the attention it deserves. A typical quick view through the shop finds a pure stock drag race engine, a new billet headed late model cylinder head in development, a mud truck engine ready for the dyno, and a 1250 horsepower mountain motor that will push 1500 horse after a dose of nitrous!

Jim believes power is found on the dyno, but races are won at the track.  This explains his dedication to the races, where you see him week after week, tuning with customers after working full shifts at the shop.  He is often seen with NMRA Champion Charlie Booze, or MARS champ Bill Frye, further testing to benefit all his customers.  As Bill Frye is racking up the wins and titles, it is not uncommon to hear Bill price one of his engines to sell to a competitor.  Frye knows that Jim would be able to deliver another great piece to replace the one sold, and that he wasn't getting anything that anyone else couldn't call and order.  

          At Kuntz and Company, we believe in Precision, Perfection, and Performance.  We invite you to contact us, call us, or find Jim Kuntz at a track near you.