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Precision, Perfection, Performance.

Kuntz "Mean Streak" Crate Engines
Premium Components, Championship Results
Larry Geddes goes 9.89 at 136 MPH in a 3140 pound car with an "out of the box" 376 c.i. engine!  427 and 468 Windsors also available!


Our custom crate engines are assembled and dynoed by the same individuals responsible for building engines which won ten championships in 2006.  376 Cubic Inch, 302 base 8.2 deck....650-675 HP.... 535 torque ....8,000 RPM capable

Complete Custom Crate Motor- Dyno Tested $11,995 Performance Rings, Rods, and Main Bearings
Race prepped Dart Block MSD Distributor
Forged Steel Crank and Rods Custom Kuntz and Co. Plug Wires
2000 ARP Bolts Powder Coated Valve Covers
CNC'd Edelbrock Heads and Intake P. Bond SFI Balancer
Jesel Rockers Stock Exhaust Bolt Pattern
Comp Custom Roller Cam, Lifters, Pushrods, Springs Front or Rear Sump Canton Pan with Custom Pump

Hydraulic Roller Cam, 10.5 pump gas version available.  Does not include water pump or carb and spacer.  Carbs, spacers, water pumps, headers, carbon fiber valve covers available- call for pricing and options.